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ASEA Leadership

  • Verdis Norton | Founder Retired

    Verdis Norton

    Founder, Retired

    The visionary who made ASEA’s beginnings possible, Verdis Norton is more than an originator. He is also a strategist who built a distinguished career leading billion-dollar companies, including Kraft Foods, before founding ASEA. His strategic proficiency brought ASEA to the worldwide marketplace and guided the company through its early phases of growth. Maintaining his interest in the company, Verdis appears at select company events.

  • Tyler Norton | Founder, Chairman

    Tyler Norton

    Founder, Chair

    If you want to get to the heart of ASEA’s culture, spend a few minutes with Tyler Norton. He has a deep commitment to the humanity of business and is committed to motivating people to reach their full potential. In his decades of leadership in the financial services and management consulting industries, Tyler has taught and consulted with literally thousands of individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations across the United States.

  • Charles F. Funke | CEO

    Charles Funke

    Chief Executive Officer

    The most approachable CEO you’ll ever meet, Charles Funke leads the ASEA corporate team with confidence and constructiveness. His background is in sales and marketing-driven distribution models attained during his 17 years in the financial services industry, and he brings that expertise to his leadership of the company. Charles has worked for two Fortune 100 companies, has held chairman, president, and CEO positions at Beneficial Investment Services and served as an officer with the Principal Financial Group.

  • Jarom Webb | President

    Jarom Webb


    With a flair for spotting an opportunity and executing its potential, Jarom Webb brings to ASEA nearly a decade of experience in the direct selling industry in addition to strong experience with large multinational companies outside the industry. He has led treasury, risk management, finance, and international development for an $800 million company and has held senior financial positions with two other companies. Jarom has also consulted a variety of startups and large conglomerates.

  • Scott Aldred | Chief Operations Officer

    Scott Aldred

    Chief Operations Officer

    No one knows the ins and outs of production and distribution better than Scott Aldred. He has in-depth knowledge of packaging equipment and materials as well as manufacturing experience in producing nutritional supplements. Scott brings more than 25 years of experience to ASEA and handles all aspects of global operations—every product ASEA creates, all quality control and product testing at our production facility, and complete global distribution of product orders.

  • Dave Wall | Senior Vice President of Global Finance

    Dave Wall

    Chief Financial Officer

    Profitability happens under the watch of Dave Wall. He guides ASEA’s financial operations—budgeting, forecasting, treasury management, tax, and fiscal reporting, ensuring the protection of ASEA’s monetary interests. He also implements strategic planning and forecasting to ensure that company initiatives are fiscally viable. Dave has directed the intricacies of ASEA’s financial function as the company has grown and expanded into foreign markets, with attention to tax treatment for shareholders, banking and payment processing, and cash management and treasury oversight.

  • Steve Davis | Senior Vice President of Global Information Technologies

    Steve Davis

    Chief Information Officer

    If it takes tech, Steve Davis has it covered. ASEA relies on him to steer both internal and external IT functions. Steve ensures that all processes are stable for corporate staff and that tools for the field associates are convenient, secure, and fully supported. His global responsibility extends beyond corporate headquarters to ASEA’s manufacturing facility, data centers, remote agents, offsite backups, and international offices.

  • Ben Tyler | Legal Council

    Ben Tyler

    Senior Vice President and General Counsel

    Deft at striking a delicate balance, Ben Tyler keeps ASEA’s messaging legally compliant while allowing the brand to flourish and remain strong. He draws not only from his knowledge of the law, but from his extensive experience as a senior executive and as general counsel for some of the largest companies in the direct sales industry, both at home and overseas. As the chief legal officer, Ben directs all of the legal and regulatory issues for ASEA.

  • Jörg Höche | Regional Vice President of Western Europe

    Jörg Höche

    Vice President of Europe

    ASEA’s market in Western Europe looks to Jörg Höche for his leadership. He is in charge of driving enrollment, developing leadership and planning, and delivery of operation projects for the region. Jörg brings to ASEA more than 20 years of experience as an executive manager in the network marketing industry and speaks fluent English, German and French. He served as General Manager for an industry giant in France, Great Britain, and South Africa.

  • Darrel Ieremia

    Regional Vice President, Latin America Markets

    As ASEA’s Regional Vice President of Latin America, Darrell Ieremia brings a wealth of experience from the network marketing industry, spanning the last twenty years. His consulting company worked with several companies in the industry for over ten years. His experience serving in leadership positions in sales and operations brings a unique and invaluable perspective. Having lived in several Latin American markets during his career has given Darrell a love of culture, people, and their passion for entrepreneurialism.

  • Kimberly Hill

    Regional Vice President, Australia/New Zealand Markets

    Combining a humble ambition for humanizing work culture and a professional love for instilling operational best practices, Kim Hill has led ASEA to impressive success in Australia and New Zealand. Her market not only boasts a great culture; it lays claim to the most ASEA associates per capita of any region. With twenty years of sales and training experience—a quarter spent overseeing direct sales in the southern hemisphere—Kim is ready for any challenge.

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