Cell Performance

Achieve more, do more, and be more every day with sustained support to your beauty, body, and mind—specifically formulated to improve performance starting at the cellular level.* Experience a daily health regimen that is Powered by Redox™.

A sharp mind, full life, and the power to conquer anything.

The demands of everyday life can burden our physical bandwidth, but with the Cell Performance line from ASEA, you can achieve the life you deserve. Powered by Redox, these easy-to-use mixes have hand-selected ingredients that deliver scientifically proven, specifically targeted redox benefits to help your brain and your body perform.*

Get ready for sustained cellular performance!

ASEA Redox Supplement users report first-hand: greater wellness and vitality are possible. Feel stronger, whole, energized, and revitalized. Apply that power to every aspect of your life, from your career, relationships, travel goals, kids, hobbies, home, and fitness. The result: the greatest and fullest version of you.


Feel good about feeling good

No artificial flavors

No artificial colors

No artificial sugars

No artificial preservatives

Anytime, anywhere

Our powdered mixes are easy to travel with and simple to use.

Just open and add one stick pack to your preferred beverage.

Shake or stir to incorporate and drink all the contents within 15 minutes.

What is ASEA® Cell Performance?

Cell Performance is formulated with your health and wellness in mind. Based on redox principles, these products are easy-to-use, on the go, and deliver a healthy sustained boost Powered by Redox™. With proprietary ingredient blends that help you perform at your best physically and mentally by targeting performance at the cellular level, our Cell Performance products are designed to complement and support a healthy lifestyle. These tasty packets are perfect for supporting your daily performance, whether at work or at the gym.*

Empower the untapped potential of your cells

Our Cell Performance products are multifaceted formulations based on our Powered by Redox™ principles to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. By empowering your cells to find their own natural homeostasis, Cell Performance products help you power the untapped potential in your body and mind.

The initial launch of this line in 2022 included three innovative products that specifically target your energy, your mind, and your mood. Watch REDOXRadiance > But, considering the broad possibilities of redox principles when it comes to your health and well-being, the possibilities of Powered by Redox™ Cell Performance are as limitless as your potential—as evidenced by the addition of REDOXRadiance to the Cell Performance family in 2023.

The science of ASEA >

We’re a wellness company founded on—and fueled by—human potential. Based in Utah and spanning worldwide, ASEA is a pioneering leader in cellular health. ASEA is the first to bring to market revolutionary redox signaling molecules, helping your cells work together as they’re meant to do. ASEA prides itself on strengthening people, one product and one possibility at a time.

We power potential®


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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