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Start your first subscription order.

Start earning Redox Reward points immediately and automatically with your first subscription order. Plus, you’ll never run out of the products you love!


Spend money, earn points.

You’ll level up the longer you have an active subscription, letting you earn points faster. Every point you earn is worth one unit of your local currency.


Earn Redox Rewards, get free products.

As you earn Redox Reward points, you can redeem them anytime for products available in your market. It’s that simple!

Learn to earn with Redox Rewards™

With ASEA® Redox Rewards™, you automatically earn points with every subscription order that you can use for free ASEA products. And redeeming points is easy! Watch this brief video featuring ASEA’s Senior Global Training & Development Manager Linda Luther to learn how.


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Become a Redox Legend with our rewards program!

With Redox Rewards, not only do you save with wholesale pricing on each subscription order, you’ll also earn points that are redeemable for even more products. It’s flexible, streamlined, and easy!

Redox Explorer

Explore Redox Rewards and earn 10% of what you spend in points.

Redox Trailblazer

You’ve blazed a trail, and now you earn 15% in points for every subscription.

Redox Champion

Hold your championship belt high—you’re now earning 20% in points per subscription order.

Redox Hero

Grab your cape, and fly into even more points! Every subscription order gets you 25% in points.

Redox Legend

They’ll speak your name for years to come—a true Redox Reward Legend. At this level, you earn 30% in points of your subscription order!.

As long as you have an active subscription order, every three months you’ll level up and start earning more points.

Even more gifts than you
can keep track of


The more products you order on subscription, the more you save, the more we reward you—and we mean it. After your third subscription order, you’ll get a free gift from us! Now that’s more!

Celebrating an anniversary as a preferred customer? Special perk! You’re an associate and it’s your birthday month? Special perk! We keep it coming with Redox Rewards.

Frequently asked questions

You can earn Redox Rewards points on each subscription order. You can earn from 10% – 30% of your subscription order depending on the level you are at. You can use Redox Rewards points to redeem products. One (1) Redox Rewards point is equal to one (1) USD (or equivalent local currency based on peg rate at the time of earning).

You earn Redox Rewards points by having an active subscription. Each subscription purchase gives you an amount of Redox Rewards points, depending on the value of your subscription purchase.

You can redeem Redox Rewards points for any ASEA product.

Redox Rewards points expire 12 months from the date they are issued.

Yes, we will remind you by email 30 days prior, letting you know how many points will be expiring and directing you to the shopping cart to place an order. 

Existing associates/preferred customers’ accumulated LRP points will be automatically converted to Redox Rewards points on the day it launches.

ASEA will multiply the accumulated points by 1.3 (and then again by internal peg rate table). Once again, this will happen automatically. 

No. The Redox Rewards points you earn are for you to use yourself.

Yes, If you return your subscription order, you will lose the Redox Rewards points earned

You can redeem Redox Rewards points towards any product and ship as a standalone order, with an on-demand order, or with your next scheduled subscription order.

If the associate/preferred customer cancels their subscription template, their accumulated Redox Rewards points can be kept for 90 days. They have 90 days to set up a new subscription template or will have to start again at the 10% Redox Rewards level. To use the accumulated Redox Rewards points, the associate/preferred customer must reactivate their canceled subscription template or set up a new template—in short, they must have an active subscription template. 

Recurring—every time the associate/preferred customer cancels their subscription template, their accumulated Redox Rewards points can be kept for 90 days.

It will no longer be calendar-month based. The grace period will be 90 days from the day a subscription template is canceled.

The accumulated Redox Rewards points will be kept for 90 days. To redeem them, there needs to be an active subscription template. There is also a 90-day grace period to start a new subscription template before your percentage drops. If 90 days pass without a new subscription template, the associate/preferred customer has to start at the LOWEST Redox Rewards level percentage (10%).

No. You can use all or some of your Redox Rewards points at any given time.

It is the shipping market that manages the display of the points available to use and that of the product price. If you have 100 points (USD), and you change your shipping market to Mexico, it will display 1,850 points (per pricing list).

For Redox Rewards, there must be PV to be considered as an active subscription.

Yes. An active subscription with ANY amount will keep accumulated Redox Rewards points and the Redox Rewards level (%) rolling forward.

When you have three qualifying subscription orders, you will receive a free product. The month you complete that third qualifying subscription purchase will dictate which product you receive. A qualifying subscription order is 140PV for associates and 70PV for preferred customers. Associates/preferred customers must maintain an active subscription template to get the free product of the month.

No, each market will have a product selected for the product of the month.

It will be sent out with (any) next subscription order.

It is per account; it does not consider the number of templates the associate/preferred customer has.

No, associates will get a birthday perk in their birthday month, and preferred customers will get an anniversary perk in their ASEA anniversary month.

There will be no tax on redeemed products, but there will be tax on any shipping that is for those orders (if they are individual redemption orders). If it is a combined order, there will be tax on other products as well as shipping.

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