Bodybuilder Tanya Dunstan Finds a Secret Weapon in ASEA

As an ASEA athlete who competes in fitness competitions, I am always pursuing products and sponsors that can help me reach my goals in appearance, body and mind. This active daily pursuit has opened up so many opportunities for me to meet wonderful people and learn new things; in fact, it was through one such respected connection that I received the recommendation that first connected me with the ASEA Athletes team.

Combining the support of ASEA with my training and lifestyle plans has given me a competitive edge that I cannot put a price on. Aside from benefiting from their great sponsorship presence, of course, I am privileged to receive and use their quality products. For someone whose previous skin care regimen consisted of sunscreen, a $7 moisturizer, and soapy water, their luxurious RENU Advanced skin care line was a significant step up!

The skin care line includes RENU 28, a gel made for full-body application, which allows me to experience radiant results from head to toe! Despite the stress of life, my skin is visibly showing improvements from the signs of aging.

Never did I imagine that at age 34 I would be competing against 19-year-olds in open bikini competitions and placing 2nd in Australia in my favorite open category at a national ICN fitness competition. I am grateful to ASEA for providing world-class products and support that help bring out the world-class athlete in me!

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